Seeking my Next Adventure

UPDATE: I joined Bitergia as Director of Sales.

My time as a PhD student is coming to an end and I’m ready to move into a full-time role at a company around August. TL;DR is included with more details below.


What I’m looking for in my next adventure:

  • Open source focus
  • Building communities
  • Remote work + travel

What I’ve been doing (resume):

  • Engaging and empowering contributors
  • Optimizing communities & contributions (CHAOSS)
  • Public Speaking and open source evangelism (Talks)
  • Instructing and training

You can contact me at

Now for the longer version and more details what I am searching for in my next adventure …

I am finishing my Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I enjoyed my time in academia and especially when paired with industry experience. I am now seeking a new adventure in industry and would like to start around August.

I am looking for a remote position to work from Omaha, Nebraska. I founded a family there and want to nurture our roots as a legal permanent resident. I have a dedicated home office and live 20 minutes from an airport with excellent connections to anywhere in the world.

My primary job criteria is that I continue to work in open source. I have ten years experience in open source and focused my 4-year Ph.D. program on how organizations engage with open source projects. I co-founded the Linux Foundation CHAOSS Project to foster industry collaboration for better understanding open source project health. I strategically steered the project as a Governing Board member, tactically fostered a community as a maintainer, and operationally created content as a contributor. I made many friends across organizations and projects and want to continue working with these amazing people.

As part of my employment, I would like to continue giving talks at conferences and connecting with people face to face. Conferences I like to travel to and present at include Linux Foundation events, CHAOSScon, FOSDEM, and SustainOSS.

You can contact me at

Here are a few links with examples of my work and more details about my past experience: